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1055 x 1055mm round corner are the largest equal sided showers we manufacture, and are worth considering as they maximise interior space. 

TIP - when measuring an existing acrylic shower, remember approximately 10mm of the shower tray is rebated into the GIB wall.

i.e if you measure from the visible corner to the edge of the liner at 890mm add you actually will have a 900mm tray installed as 10mm should be rebated into the exisitng wall. 

Our shower trays are installed in the same fashion.

Stellar  - 10 year no nonsense.png


Stellar Showers 1055 Round
Stellar Showers Tray
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Stellar 1055

SKU          Corner Waste 
248491    Flat Wall White Door
248493    Flat Wall Silva Door
248492    Moulded Wall White Door
248494    Moulded Wall Silva Door 

119561    Central Waste Option 
                 No Extra Charge 

Spec Sheet
Tray & Liner Install Instructions
Door install Instructions

Items you WILL need

Easy Clean Waste SIDE OUTLET 

Easy Clean Waste BOTTOM OUTLET


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