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How to buy ?

At Fibre Systems we can manufacture a large range  of custom size wall linings.  Our only 

limitation is the size of the acrylic sheet - our maximum sheet size is 2000mm high x 3535mm wide.

Getting a liner manufactured is easy, and only takes a few simple steps. 

The first stage of ordering a liner is to get a quote, and to do this we will need some information. 

  • Please read the measurement guide below carefully, then download the correct form.  

  • Fill out the form and take it down to your local Mitre 10 store. Need to know where your closest

       store is ?  CLICK HERE 

  • The friendly staff in the bathroom department will send us your information, and we will send you a

       quote once we've completed the design and price. 

Stellar  - 10 year no nonsense.png

Moulded Wall 

Wall Liners are available as a standard flat wall but also with a functional moulded option.  Please see the dimensions and example below:

Stellar Showers Moulded Wall
Square Shower Silva MW

Measurement Guide

2 sided and 3 sided wall liners  

Please run through the steps below and ensure that accurate measurements are provided 


  • When ordering a 3 sided liner - check that the walls are plumb and level.  Liners do not have adjustment in the corner folds and we cannot fold liners with unequal width walls. If your walls are unequal in width by more than 5mm,  we suggest packing the wall linings to plumb. Any distance lower than 5mm, additional glue can be added to "pack the liner"

  • When ordering a 2 sided liner - measure the distance from the internal corner of the walls, out to the edge of the shower area you wish to line. If your walls are not plumb and level to the tray, the wall liner will have to be trimmed along the bottom to meet the tray correctly. Trimming will have to be done on site prior to installation by your installer. We cannot fold to suit this irregularity.     


  • IMPORTANT - When fitting a custom wall liner, the liner must be installed onto new UNPAINTED and UNPLASTERED Aqualine GIB Board.  And we recommend Sika Shower Bond and Sika NG Silicone for liner installation.

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